CR7ALW’s station

Current gear:

  • Radios and receivers:

    • RTL-SDR with R280T2 Tuner (software mod for 13M+ listening)

    • RTL-SDR kit with upconverter (100kHz to 1.7GHz)

    • SV1AFN Upconverter with LNA w/ 200MHz LO

    • TYT TH-9000D VHF 136-174MHz (Locked to Ham band: 144-146Mhz) 60W

    • Baofeng GT-3TP MKIII VHF/UHF (8W)

The top radio is a Midland Alan CB radio.

If you’re wondering, that “rack” where I mount the radios on comes fron an old desktop computer. It’s a 5+1/4″ hard drive mounting rack. It fits the radios perfectly.

An old computer PSU makes a nice desktop PSU.

One of mine rtl-sdr dongles, with the SV1AFN upconverter.

  • Antennas:

    • Discone antenna (14MHz to 1.3GHz), Sigma SE-1300

    • Dipole –5m–<|>–5m– (Half Wave for the 20m band) parcially homebrew. Bought the center piece off eBay

    • Nagoya NA-701 2m/70cm dual bander antenna for HT

The log periodic on the image is not part of my setup, it is just a TV antenna.

On the backgroud, my “stealthy” dipole, on the front, the previous antennas.

My dipole, better view