Portuguese ham radio repeaters coverage analysis

In some countries, when someone wants to put up a repeater a coverage analysis must be presented. In Portugal there isn’t such a requirement so, as far as I know, nobody took the effort before to try to see what is exactly the Portuguese ham radio repeaters coverage. Well, nobody until now.

Getting NOAA sat images using an RTL-SDR

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is the USA meteorological agency. They have a set of satellites orbiting the earth, imaging the Earth and sending it via radio. The downlink of the working satellites are on VHF so you can easily receive them. On this article, I’m sharing my experience receiving them with an rtl-sdr.


Since march 2016 I joined REP (Rede dos Emissores Portugueses), which is the national ham radio association. They have a club station in Porto, PT where they welcomed me to operate on. The callsign of the station is CS5RPT and it’s equiped for HF, VHF and the 70cm band.

Baofeng-Computer interface for packet (APRS)

After I got my Baofeng GT3-TP I wanted it to do APRS. After looking for a while, and joining information together I came up with a solution. I designed and built a quick and cheap interface to exchange sound between a computer and a Baofeng radio (or any radio with the same Kenwood type plug […]